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UTS in collaboration with The Royal College of Art and Imperial College, London on GOGLOBAL 2013.


In March 2013, 40 graduate students from the  Innovation Design Engineering dual masters at the Royal College of Art (RCA) and Imperial College London,  (ICL )in partnership with the School of Architecture and the School of Design at UTS  are collaborating on the GoGlobal 2013 design project, a month long workshop in Sydney at UTS which will run from 1st March to 29th March 2013.

The GoGlobal project, now in its eighth year, involves taking first year RCA and ICL masters students on an interdisciplinary international collaboration. The aim is to conduct design projects which have a wide social, political and geographic impact. The project is motivated by awareness that design creativity is rarely fully mobilised at societal level to address many global problems ranging from healthcare, well-being, fitness, social connection, leisure and employment. This year’s project involves international collaboration on a high profile joint project on ‘Sports Innovation’. This is a four-week design collaboration that brings together for the first time 80 top design and innovations students from the Royal College of Art / Imperial College London, and the Schools of Architecture and Design at the University of Technology Sydney.

This workshop will be available for Masters of Architecture students, and will form the initial research work to a full semester long 12 credit point M.Arch studio exploring the urban, design and architectural potential of sports innovation in cities.

M.Arch Students will initially work in multi-disciplinary, sport specific teams with students from the UTS School of Design, the RCA + ICL.  Each team working with one specific Sydney based sport will look at aspects of innovation through multiple scales – from innovations in equipment for able bodied and disabled athletes, through to architectural typological innovation of sports facilities within urban fabrics, their organisational structures and the role of community sporting structures in terms of the cultivation of Olympic and professional level elite athletes, in addition to the role the sports club and facility plays within a civic landscape and urban spatial reasoning.


More information on this studio will become available in the coming weeks.


The project organisers are

* Professor Peter Childs – Professorial Lead in Engineering Design, Imperial College London and Joint Course Director Innovation Engineering Design.

* Ashley Hall – Deputy Head – Innovation Design Engineering, Royal College of Art.

* Dr Dominic Southgate – Rio Tinto Sports Innovation Challenge Coordinator, Imperial College London.

* Tarsha Finney – Senior Lecturer, University of Technology, Sydney.



More information on previous outputs of the Sports Innovation work can be found here, here and here.



For more information, or to indicate your interest in being involved in the M.Arch studio, please contact



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