The Symposium examines this proposition, while also exploring the artworks and themes of the exhibition, as presented across the venues, within the connective fabric of relation and conversation.

The 18th Biennale of Sydney proposes that we reconsider some central artworld paradigms, and explores instead a relational model that foregrounds conversational, collaborative, empathic, and ephemeral aspects of arts practice. It asks us to essentially re-think and re-invent the social functions of art.

Anthony Burke and Lawrence Wallen are speakers in the following session.

Session IV: Stories, Senses and Spheres
Speakers: Anthony Burke, Head, Faculty of Architecture, University of Technology, Sydney; Lawrence Wallen, Head, Faculty of Design, University of Technology, Sydney; Philip Beesley, artist and Professor of Architecture, University of Waterloo, Ontario join artists Jonathan Jones, Fujiko Nakaya and Mark Licari on notions of movement, empathy and healing that pervade the large-scale installations of Cockatoo Island.

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