UTS Master of Architecture students, Danielle Apap, Lishi Li, and Miguel Silva Santisteban were selected as Third Prize for the 2012 d3 Housing Tomorrow international architectural design competition for their project ‘Inverted House’.

In response to the brief for new housing strategies for living in the future, the ‘Inverted House’ rethinks the home, land ownership and subsequent relationships to neighbour and street.

An inversion of the house, in terms of privacy thresholds, allows the house to perform the role as mediator between maintaining the independence of the inhabitant and capitalising on the benefits of the collective.  This is achieved through the expansion and contraction of a buffer zone to provide moments of heat exchange, social exchange and monetary exchange.

The project was part of the 2011 Architectural Design Studio 11514 coordinated by Tom Barker and Nick Sargent

For more information, visit website:  http://www.d3space.org/competitions/

Image courtesy: Danielle Apap