UTS School of Architecture held its inaugural student leadership recognition evening on Friday, 14th December 2012. Students across various years who had been recognised as leading students due to their contribution to the school, in the peer-mentoring program, as a student representative or as one of the highest achieving students in the final year of the Bachelors program, were invited to celebrate their success with the Dean, Head of School and Architecture staff.

The following students received awards for their contribution in peer-mentoring. Presented by Joanne Kinniburgh, Student Experience Director and awarded by Desley Luscombe, Dean.

UTS Architecture Award for Design Leadership
Michael Ford

Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Student Leadership in the School of Architecture
Daniel Putilin, Celeste Raanoja, Michael Ford, Eleanor Peres, Rachael O’Toole, Michelle Vassiliou

Certificate of Recognition for Student Leadership in the School of Architecture
Daniel Putilin, Celeste Raanoja , Endriana Audisho, Kimberley Merlino, Andrew Southwood-Jones, Jonathan Capparelli, Tristan Balogh, Pip Barbary, Nicola Balch, Phillip Nashed, Kalyna Sparks, Michele Low, Benjamin Rahme, Olivier Solente, Micheal Ford, Simon Nelson, Sally Hsu, Tom Chan, Robert Tuckwell, Alexander Rizzo, Cassandra Siow, Holly Julian, Michael Stewart, Callum Andrews, Megan Julian, Adam Hoh, Isabella Buddee, Patrick Issa, Eleanor Peres, Francesca McInnes. Natali Dundovic, Rachael O’Toole, Jessica Short, Michelle Vassiliou, Bernard Greaves, Leona Ho, Lena Thomassen, Caroline Venstad, Oliver Bennett, Christina Deluchi, Catherine Zhuang, Lis Pitt, Dane Voorderhake, Jeremy Giacomini, Michael Fitzgerald, Rose Peppitt, Roberto Fattoretto, Kathryn Chang

Frank Minnaert, 3rd year Design Coordinator, also presented letters of recognition to high performing students in the final year of the Bachelors program.

Alicia Baker, Nicola Balch, Melinda Barbagallo, Yaohua Bian, Thomas Bingham, Christian Campoy, Henry Goodwin, Georgia Jamieson, Christopher John Martin, Pippa Kate Mason, Sasha David Mijic, Benjamin Maroun Rahme, Dennis    Schiaroli, Ivana Seizova, Thomas Philip Trudeau, Anna Thi Quoc Anh Vo, Rachel Wai Tung Wan, Nicholas Wenham, Emily Rose Wallace, Kenneth Chun Kit Ho, Jake David Kelly, Maria Kristoffersen, Jaie Midei, Benjamin Peake


Image: Michael Ford