Jessica Paterson, UTS Master of Architecture student, has been awarded a Byera Hadley Scholarship.

Over the last 20-30 years successful strategies for urban renewal have emerged using the creative or innovation industries as a catalyst for change. These strategies have emerged in response to the recognition of an organic condition in urban transformation and are being deployed by urban actors and decision makers as a strategic model for urban renewal in cities around the world. The native condition relies on rental affordability, spatial quality, critical mass and a clustering of the creative industries. The project will undertake a local and international case study of eight urban renewal projects involving the creative industries examining the renewal process through the lens of the organic condition of urban transformation and the two subsequent strategic models this condition has informed; top down phenomena and bottom up phenomena. Both strategic models begin to cultivate the phenomena of resources moving through the urban fabric as they recognise the ability of the creative avant garde to be a forerunner in the process through their innovative occupation of underused and under utilisied space. This research will help to reveal the association between regeneration models, the creative industries and the spatial, economic and political conditions which enable their success.

This scholarship will see Jessica travelling to New York, London, Barcelona, Cape Town and Newcastle as well as research here in Sydney.

Mentor: Tarsha Finney

Image: The Old Truman Brewery, London (