Supermanoeuvre (directed by UTS Senior Lecturers Iain (Max) Maxwell and Dave Pigram) were selected as the architectural representative for YOUNG.HOT.CANBERRA an exhibition showcasing Canberra’s brightest young design stars. The exhibition seeks to highlight the high calibre of work characterised by innovation, excellence and an unapologetically local pride. Supermanoeuvre are exhibiting along side the work of Dan Armstrong & Nick Robinson, Luke Chiswell, Chris Doyle, Alison Jackson, Megan Jackson, Paul Krix, Cinnamon Lee, Dan Lorrimer & Mitchell Brooks and Tom Skeehan, all have trained or live and work in Canberra.

YOUNG.HOT.CANBERRA. is the first show in the Gallery of Australian Design’s year-long contribution to the celebration of the Centenary of Canberra.