:::Replacing “Neue Gallery” Berlin, Germany by Ludwig_Mies Van Der Rohe. Berlin:::
Postsdamer Strasse 50
10785 Berlin-Tiergarten
By Mohammed Albaz and Jhoana Colorado

Concept:Design concept for the New Gallery in Berlin is developed from dynamics shapes that create and interesting contrast with the site, resulting in a structure with subtle volumetric gestures that invite the public from the ground-level outdoor gallery into the heart of the building. The seamless continuation of the public domain into the structure further reinforces the cohesive character of the building, which combines four major institutions into one single envelope call skin(fluid aspect of the project).
In sharp contrast with basic rectangular geometry, the design features a fluid force field of horizontal that seemingly moves when graced by light and shadow. This unique characteristic creates a playful language on the façade, articulating public circulation, the foyers and the sculpted inner halls, while allowing visual connections outside to the out-door gallery as well as exciting glimpses into the building.
Form:Project is based on a particle system that simulates the behaviour of particles influenced by forces in the space. Forces are generated by specific sources that create wave ripples. the wave accumulation create a complex force field and make the particles moving in organic shapes.