“In this presentation, I look at designing, researching and knowing, and argue for an approach to research that values design for what it is.

I make a number of key points: that delight is important to designers and to the users of design; that function follows form as much as form follows function; that there is such a thing as inappropriate theory; that knowledge may be thought of in terms of knowledge of and knowledge for, and knowledge for is what helps designers; that design is better thought of as a verb than a noun; and that the central act of designing may be thought of as a conversation. At the end, a comparison is made between two approaches to research into designing.”

Ranulph is a visiting professor at the Royal College of Art  (UK) and one of the ‘godfathers’ of the RMIT GRC.

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All welcome

PLACE: CB06.04.06
DATE: Friday 27 May 2011
TIME: 1.00pm–2.00pm

This talk is co-hosted by DAB postgraduate studies and the CCDP.