John Gollings will be presenting the public lecture. All are welcome to attend.

This will be held 6pm – 7pm, Wednesday 2nd June , level 5 Architecture Studios Building 6, UTS City Campus

Gollings studio in St Kilda is a collaborative environment with architects, graphic designers, 3D animators, film-makers, photographers, digital retouching and fine art printers. Gollings has received numerous industry awards and has twice won the Institute of Architects Presidents Award and been made a fellow of the AIA.

As his contemporaries in architecture developed their practices, so the amount of architectural photography increased. While still shooting for leading graphic designers and advertising agencies, his principal work involves documenting buildings, both old and new, and working especially in Asia. His work is characterized by strong formal composition and a wider, contextual viewpoint, Gollings brings the technical resources and craft skills of a very experienced photographer to a discipline which often lacks either a point of view or the ability to express it.

He has taught the use of large format cameras, and lectured widely. Recently more time has been spent on longer term projects with academic or cultural significance for books, exhibitions and fine prints. His documentation of ancient cities includes Hampi in India, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Kashgar and Turfan on the Silk Road in far western China and the Greco-Roman cities of Libya. He has recently finished a guide book to every Khmer temple in Laos, Thailand and Cambodia.

His work is held in the Canadian Centre for Architecture, Asia Society New York, Australian National Gallery, National Gallery of Victoria, National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, Monash Gallery of Art, the National Library of Australia , the Queensland National Library and the Gold Coast Gallery and private collections.