Andrew Leach will be presenting the public lecture.

This will be held 6pm – 7pm, Wednesday 11th August , level 5 Architecture Studios Building 6, UTS City Campus

What is Architectural History?
Architects and patrons have long been interested in the relationship between the conception and composition of buildings and monuments and the field of precedents and exemplars on which the architect’s work draws and which it, in turn, extends for architects of the future. So too have architects long held themselves up against architects of the past to understand the continuities of their art—as well as the changes it has sustained over time. The nineteenth-century emergence of a modern, scientific historiography of architecture as a department of Kunstwissenschaft provoked a shift in the nature of the questions asked by architects of their history: from the maintenance of traditional knowledge and enquiry into architecture persistent values to the theoretical examination of historical patterns and shifts, significance and such mechanisms as influence, transmission, expression and representation. In posing the question What is Architectural History? (Polity 2010) Leach asks what the inheritance of this moment has been for those who, in the twentieth century, have pursued the historiography of architecture and thereby shaped the contemporary academic field of architectural history. He will relate the main lines of contemporary historical enquiry maintained by those working in the discipline—the questions, methods and frameworks of architectural historians—to the place of architectural history in contemporary architectural education and culture. He will frame this issue, explored in What is Architectural History? against his past and current research on the twentieth-century historiography of the early modern era.

Andrew Leach is an Australian Postdoctoral Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Architecture at Griffith University. Among his books are Architecture, Disciplinarity and the Arts (2009, ed. with J. Macarthur) Shifting Views (2008, ed. with A. Moulis & N. Sully) and Manfredo Tafuri: Choosing (2007).

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