TERROIR have been invited as one of seven international practices to take part in the major archietcture exhibition at the MAXXI in Rome for 2013, Energy: Oil and Post Oil.

The exhibition comprises three parts.  Two of these relate to photographic documentation of gas stations past and present, while the third component features future visions from seven international architects.  TERROIR is part of an illustrious group including Sou Fujimoto, Noero Architects, MODUS and Lifethings.

TERROIR’s project explores the uncertainty around the post-oil era and suggests a momumental architecture for an era of sustainable energy.  Our proposal will connect Australia’s highways as one giant energy distribution system, resulting in a series of “fuel stations” inspired by Yugoslav war moments of the Soviet era and Mad Max.

Gerard Reinmuth is currently a director of Terroir, and Professor of Practice and Associate HOS at UTS School of Architecture.

Image and Text: Terroir website: http://www.terroir.com.au/articles/culture/energy-at-maxxi