Extreme densification in Paris by creation of a new urban stratum above the existing fabric.
One of the major expectations of this studio is to investigate the definition itself of this new stratum in order to generate holistic design strategies and develop strong architectural proposals. By engaging with mixed programs, the stratum generates a higher density and compactness and also integrate ecological and political decisions. Architectural responses are radical, innovative and perform and at different scales, building, block and city.
Specific formal processes are tested for the generation and the morphological variations of this stratum according to spatial possibilities, future programmatic needs and the post-Kyoto agenda. The Studio has three main constituents: understanding the ambition and context of the international consultation, interrogating the political and social implications of a new stratum and the design of the stratum itself.
As a key component of this studio: a two week intensive workshop took place at Palais de Tokyo in Paris in collaboration with Atelier international du Grand Paris (26/04-06/05/11)
Projects generated during this studio will be part of ‘extreme density_Paris’, an architectural exhibition within the Sydney Design Festival 2011.