Points of Departure:  Migratory Evidence 753BC – 2018AD

Tristan Tzara proudly proclaimed the theme of art to be “the world and all that is in it.”

What better place to locate such an agenda than the legendary Cockatoo Island, ever an instrument for accommodating narrative deviance?  From the unwilling depredations of the Minotaur through the enforced barbarity of Colonial rock carving to the tragic Enlightenment triumph of the P-trap, this is a journey through an undiscovered archaeology of place.

The installation is the first instalment of the project-based component of Tom Rivard’s PhD project, Performative Urbanism.  As a meditation on the utility of the strange, it traffics in that fecund territory between fact and fiction, where nothing is as it seems.

The installation also features the speculative work of a group of UTS IS students: Alecia Downie, Heather Ho, Natalie Rumore, Arwen Sachinwalla and Olivia Savio-Matev, projecting migratory instruments from the phenomenological excavations conducted on the Island.

Gaffa Gallery, 281 Clarence Street, Sydney

Opening Thursday March 7, 6-8:00pm

Exhibition runs to March 16