The reinvention of the UTS Great Hall, as envisioned by John de Manincor and Adam Russell, principals of DRAW and contributors to teaching in the School of Architecture, UTS, was recently completed and unveiled for the first time at the UTS Graduate Fashion Show on 6th December 2011. The project was completed ahead of schedule.

The UTS Great Hall is the primary ceremonial venue of the university which plays host to graduations, public lectures and other major events of the university.

The signature element of the project is “The Mantle”, a fluid skin of perforated aluminium comprising more than 1000 unique facets. The Mantle lines the ceiling and walls, integrating lighting, audio-visual, fire and mechanical services into a dynamic whole, breathing new life into the space.

Beyond the initial brief is the proposed “The Balcony Room”, a soaring reception space annexed to the Hall that capitalises on a commanding view across the future Alumni Green. The Balcony Room adapts a previously underused terrace, enclosing it to provide a link between the main building foyer and the rich, warm interior.

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Photography by Brett Boardman. Copyright.