Australian Creative directors of the Venice Architecture Biennale Anthony Burke and Gerard Reinmuth with TOKO, will be Happiness 7, a panel discussion in conversation with Sam Spurr and David Burns, on Wednesday 16th May 2012 at 12:30pm.

Just before they take-off for the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale, this conversation with the Creative Directors of the Australian Pavilion will be a chance to reflect on the role of biennales as platforms for sharing and promoting new architectural thinking, the model for this year’s presentation and the hunt for architects redefining the boundaries of practice. Architects selected for the exhibition this year are increasingly happy to collaborate with other disciplines as a way to grow their influence in shaping the built environment.

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Can designers create happiness?

7 Kinds of Happiness: Conversations on Design and Emotion is a three day talks program of live and sky discussions, each exploring how happiness impacts the practice of leading local and international designers.

Presented during designEX, 7 Kinds of Happiness is made up of seven public conversations including a keynote lecture, panel discussion and a series of Skype interviews. The program unpacks questions such as is personal happiness a design problem? Can designers create happiness and what kind of objects and places make us most happy? If happiness becomes a desirable objective for designers, along with sustainability and social responsibility, could we in fact actively create a greater sense of community and belonging and a heightened civic well-being? 7 kinds of Happiness uses the theme of happiness as a lens for people to talk about what they do.

Curated by the Office for Good Design