In June, AR-MA will run two scripting workshops for architects: Algorithmic Design and Parametric Design. Each workshop will run for two days and will introduce participants to algorithmic and associative design methods.



ALGORITHMIC DESIGN //////////////////

Introduction to Python for Rhino
Saturday, June 23 – Sunday, June 24

With the upcoming release of Rhino 5.0, we now have access to using the Python programming language within Rhino. Python is a modular, object-oriented programming language with the potential to move beyond scripting into developing custom-written software for architectural design and development. It is cross-platform and software independent.

Through Rhino and Python we will focus on algorithmic design techniques for the generation and analysis of architectural organisations of space.



Computer Programming
Introduction to scripting | Examples | Coding in Rhino

Computational Geometry
Points | Vectors | Curves | Surfaces | Meshes

Algorithmic Structure
Statements | Sequences | Conditionals | Loops

Python Syntax
Numbers | Strings | Lists | Dictionaries

Script Organisation
Flow control | Repetition | Functions | Recursion

Architectural Applications
Automation | Rationalisation | Generative Design


PARAMETRIC DESIGN //////////////////

Introduction to Grasshopper
Saturday, June 30 – Sunday, July 1

The visual programming interface, Grasshopper, has extended Rhino into a powerful parametric design tool. It enables architects and designers the ability to translate design thinking into a parametric logic that maintains associative links between geometry. It is an extremely fast and intuitive way of creating flexible and generative models. The Parametric Design workshop will be an introduction to parametric design using Grasshopper.



Parametric Design
Introduction | Examples | Strategies

Grasshopper Workflow
Interface | Parameters | Components

Computational Geometry
Points | Vectors | Curves | Surfaces | Meshes

Algorithmic Design
Pseudo code | Algorithmic Structure

Data Structures in Grasshopper
Data Matching | Lists & Culls | Branching & Data Trees

Field Logics
Grid Methods | Attractors | Image Sampling | Surfaces

Data and visual feedback
Geometry Analysis | Colour & Numeric Feedback

Geometry Output
AutoBake & Export | Animation | Naming & Labels



The workshops will run in intensive mode over Saturday and Sunday in the last two weeks of June.

The Python workshop is run before Grasshopper so that those enrolled in both workshops will be able to create their own custom Grasshopper components using Python.



Instructors: Robert Beson, Gabriele Ulacco, Tony Ho
Software: Evaluation copies of all software will be provided,
Hardware: All participants are required to bring their own laptops.
Training Material: Printed copies of all training materials and scripts will be provided.

Location: The workshops will be run from our studio at Assemblage, 42 Kensington Street, Chippendale.
Workshop Hours: 9am – 6pm

Although a working knowledge or Rhino is helpful, no scripting experience is required.


For more information and to register, please visit: