INDEX 2011 is the UTS School of Architecture end of year curated student exhibition. Once again it will be held in Kensington Street, Chippendale in a series of distributed venues along the street, and in the street itself. Join us for a drink, and a showcase of projects from across all levels of the school and an event with an ambition to engage our colleagues, the profession and the public through the work of the School in a broad critical discussion on Architecture and the city. INDEX 2011 is an opportunity to display projects led by local and international collaborators such as Roland Snooks (Kokkugia), Sam Jacoby (AA London), Ezio Blasetti (Ahylo Studio), William Feuerman (Office Feuerman), Thierry Lacoste (Lacoste+Stevenson), Craig Allchin (Six Degrees), Teresa Stoppani (University of Greenwich, London), David Holm (COX Richardson), Ben Doherty (BVN Architecture), Jarrod Lamshed (LAVA), Jad Silvester and Penny Fuller (Silvester Fuller), Matt Chan (Scale Architecture), Adam Russell (DRAW) and Anders Gammelgaard (Aarhus) in addition to studios run by UTS faculty,  and importantly it is an opportunity to discuss UTS’s role in developing the discipline, and our work as a School of Architecture.


INDEX 2011

Kensington Street Chippendale.

Exhibition opening 6-10pm Friday 2nd December 2011.

Open Saturday, sunday, monday  11-3pm

Close Tuesday 6th December 11am-10pm (to coincide with the UTS School of Design end of year Exhibition)


INDEX 2011 FORUM Saturday 3rd December 11-5pm Frasers Admin Building.



For more details contact Tarsha Finney  9514 8112