In rapid response to recent ‘Occupy Melbourne’ demonstrations, prominent Melbourne architects Godsell & Corrigan have been engaged to reconstruct a relic of the city’s urban past – The Melbourne Wall – in order to contain growing civil unrest in the city’s inner suburbs.

Beginning on Friday 21st October 2011 as a police barricade, riot-squad officers were quickly replaced with temporary mesh fencing and will soon be superseded again by a triple-brick wall of the highest architectural order.

The beginnings of the Melbourne Wall formed quickly in response to ‘Occupy Melbourne’ protests

What started as a peaceful demonstration quickly escalated into full-blown conflict as Lord Mayor Robert Doyle instructed riot police to forcibly remove protestors from the city square. Some commentators suspect Mr Doyle of orchestrating the conflict in order to lay the foundations for his vision to reconstruct The Wall.

Speculation of this nature begins in December 2008, when Mr Doyle made a call to arms on Radio 3AW to keep the ‘bogans’ out of Melbourne, saying ‘I don’t want the city to be a bogan magnet’. Many wondered at the time what measures he would take. Now, with mounting pressure to contain an unruly mob, he may have found the perfect reason to build the long-awaited ‘Bogan Wall’.

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Download: Press Release – Melbourne To Be Divided By City Wall

Godsell & Corrigan are an established Melbourne-based practice working closely with local councils and governments in the delivery of sensitive architectural and urban design projects. Originally formed in 1967, Frank Godsell and Patricia Corrigan have many decades of experience between them and continue to prove their relevance as one of Australia’s leading architectural practices. Re-ascendant, Godsell & Corrigan have returned.