Image: Long Bao Tran, from Identity Crisis studio 2011 studio instructor: William Feuerman

Master of Architecture Studio Final Reviews

Friday, 9th November 2012

AFTERNOON 2pm – 6pm

Climate Wars: Architecture in the anthropocene
Adrian Lahoud
MAA Lab, level 7

Thursday, 15th November 2012

MORNING 10am – 2pm

city : integrate : transport “sydneyAIRPORTcity”
David Holm
Level 5 Masters studio

AFTERNOON 2pm – 6pm

Hybrid Architecture: Imagining Tomorrow Today
Professor Deborah Ascher Barnstone
Level 5 Masters studios

The Asylum (Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the column.)
David Neustein
Level 5 Masters studio

Friday, 16th November 2012

MORNING 9am – 1pm

From the Dormitory to the Hotel: Rethinking Student Housing.
Matthew Bennett
Level 5 Masters studio

MORNING 10am – 2pm

Adam Russell
Level 5 Masters studio

Axiomatic Structures
Damien Butler

AFTERNOON 1pm – 6pm

Identity Crisis –
William Feuerman
Level 5 Masters studio

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