NEW 12 cpt Winter Intensive Design Studio M.Arch 11518


This 12 cpt M.Arch Winter Intensive Design Studio will be offered over 25 days from the 28th June and finishing on the 23rd of July 2012.

The School of Architecture at UTS working in Partnership with the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (SHFA),  will look at new spatial opportunities and consequences  emerging from the radical urban transformations taking hold of this end of Sydney’s CBD, looking particularly at ideas of creativity and innovation in urban fabrics.

From UTS’s own $1billion Masterplan development of which the Gehry building is one of ten new buildings, to the $2Billion Frasers property development on Broadway, and the more recently announced redevelopment of Darling Harbour:  the City of Sydney is undergoing a radical re-anchoring of its focus – away from the harbour, away from its historic symbolic centre.

The studio will Involve detailed consultations with multiple stakeholders who are situated around the edge of the UTS’s unique urban campus – the ABC, The City of Sydney, the Powerhouse Museum, SHFA, Frasers Property and TAFE,  in addition to many smaller local landholders.

Students will work in small teams with UTS faculty, invited guests and in some instances students from other disciplines such as Photography and Situated Media, Graduate Fine Arts students from the College of Fine Arts UNSW and UTS Interior Spatial students.

Work will involve responding to a series of spatial research questions:

SPECULATION 1. What is the size of the city quarter of which the Ultimo Pedestrian Network (UPN) forms the integral spine. Does it link and effect an urban area from Darling Harbour to Surry Hills, or is it something smaller and more localised.

SPECULATION 2. What new interior spatial relationships can be made between key stakeholder buildings and new spaces within that quarter. For example, what would happen to the UPN if the back was torn off the ABC building. In turn, what would this mean for Australia’s national public Broadcaster and its delivery of media content.

SPECULATION 3:  MAPPINGS Environmental considerations: mapping the consequences (wind, solar) of many of the new projects on existing public spaces.

SPECULATION 4: TEMPORARY EVENTS. Spatial speculations, institutional linkages. For example, what is the role of annual events in Sydney’s China Town district on the UTS campus, how do these areas become more intimately engaged.

Outputs are to include a public exhibition of work and a publication.

Teaching Staff will come from within the school, in addition to external tutors. Because the time frame for this work is very intense, and the interest in outputs so high, students will be required to commit to this subject full-time. Students will be expected to work in the UTS M.Arch studios, or you may be asked to work on the project from within the practice offices of individual tutors – presenting an excellent additional opportunity to work very closely with practitioners and learn more about how their offices function.


Tarsha Finney (UTS Co-ordinator)

Billy Feuerman (UTS)

Richard Goodwin

Matt Chan (Scale Architecture)

David Neustein

Marisa Yiu

Adam Jasper

Ben Wollen (Sawtooth)




Working also with the designers of the UPN:

 ASPECT Studios (Sacha Coles) in collaboration with Choi Ropiha Fighera (John Choi)


This studio presents students and tutors with several unique opportunities: to work on a major project and process of urban transformation that is happening around us right now; it’s an opportunity to develop an awareness of how complex institutional,  local and state governmental agencies work and interact and control parts of the city; it’s an opportunity to work in a very close way with a group of dynamic young practitioners – both here at the university, but also with them in their offices; it’s an opportunity to have an effect – UTS is listening to you, they want to hear what you have to say about the spatial opportunities we  have around us that are not yet being fully exploited; AND, it is an opportunity as a 12cpt Core M.Arch subject, for you to knock a semester off your M.Arch degree.


For more information contact Details are being updated regularly.




The enrolment process is two fold:

1. Send an e-request to the student centre to join M.Arch 11518.

2. Send an email to notifying her of your enrolment.




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