Andrew Benjamin will present his latest book ‘Architectural Projections’ and there will be a panel discussion for responses to the publication with speakers including Charles Rice and Tarsha Finney.

This will be held at 5:30pm Drinks for a 6:00pm start on Monday, 10th September 2012, Level 5 School of Architecture – UTS Faculty of DAB (Building 6),
702 – 730 Harris St, Broadway 2007.

Andrew Benjamin’s essays in Architectural Projections have a specific remit: their concern is the history and theory of architecture. However, rather than work with the assumed distance between architecture as a design practice on the one hand and architectural history and theory on the other, they have a different orientation. The essays form part of a larger project driven by the possibility of reconfiguring history and theory such that they exist for design rather than being of design. History exists for design if the afterlife of the historical can be recovered. Within the practice of design that possibility emerges to the extent that it is made visible by technologies of contemporary design. It is this possibility that grounds the contemporaneity of Borromini, Simper, Loos and Kiesler amongst others. The afterlife of the historical and the force of theory emerge to the extent they form and inform processes of design.

Book Sale
Books will be available for purchase on the evening, prior to and following the lecture.
Price: $44.98 inc. GST
Cash only (nearest ATM on George st around the corner)

Speaker Biographies

Andrew Benjamin
Andrew Benjamin is Professor of Philosophical Aesthetics at Monash University. He was previously Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Centre for Research in Philosophy and Literature at Warwick University. An internationally recognised authority on contemporary French and German critical theory, he has been Visiting Professor at Columbia University in New York and Visiting Critic at the Architectural Association in London. His books include Art, Mimesis and the Avant-Garde (1991), Present Hope: Philosophy, Architecture, Judaism (1997), Philosophy’s Literature (2001), Disclosing Spaces: On Painting (2004), Writing Art and Architecture (2010) and Of Jews and Animals (2010).
Andrew Benjamin is currently an Honorary Adjunct Professor at UTS.

Charles Rice
Charles Rice is an architectural historian, theorist and critic. He received a Bachelor of Design Studies (Honours) from the University of Queensland in 1996, a Master of Research from the London Consortium (Birkbeck, University of London) in 1998, and a PhD from the University of New South Wales in 2003. He was a lecturer in the Architecture Programme at the University of New South Wales from 2000-2005, and was most recently Associate Professor of Architecture at the University of Technology Sydney, where he had taught since 2005. Charles was appointed Professor of Architectural History and Theory and Head of the School of Art and Design History at Kingston University in December 2010. He has lectured at universities and cultural institutions internationally, and has taught architectural history and theory at the Architectural Association School of Architecture.
Charles Rice is currently an Honorary Adjunct Professor at UTS.

Tarsha Finney
Tarsha Finney is an architect and an urbanist. Her research interests cross several areas: domesticity and the problem of multi-residential housing with specific knowledge of the cities of New York, Beijing and Sydney; architectural typology and notions of disciplinary specificity and autonomy; and the architectural urbanism of innovation in cities. In 2003, whilst completing a Masters degree in Housing and Urbanism at the Architectural Association London, Tarsha won the Michael Ventris Memorial Award which enabled her to conduct primary research in China looking at the Danwei Live work unit implemented by the Communist government following the 1949 revolution. In 2004 Tarsha commenced doctoral studies at the Architectural Association with the Thesis: Repetition and Transformation: The Housing Project and the constitution of the Urban Field. New York 1935-1971. Supervisors Architectural Association: Lawrence Barth (AA) and Dr. Nikolas Bullock (Cambridge University). This work has now been transferred to supervisors Dr Sandra Kaji-O’Grady and Dr Charles Rice.
Tarsha Finney is currently a Senior Lecturer at UTS.