Master of Architecture Studio Reviews and First year Design Studio Reviews will be held Friday, 13th April 2012.

Schedule and locations below.

All are welcome to attend and join in the conversation.



9am – 12:30pm : Materiality Lab, Sandra Loschke, Level 5 Foyer/Breakout space

9:45am – 1pm : Repowering Cities [Sydney Case Study], Elena Vanz, Level 5 Masters Studio

10am – 1pm : Concrete Tectonics 2, Kirsten Orr, 50 Kensington St warehouse

10am – 1pm : The Ghost in the Machine, Jo Kinniburgh, Level 5 Foyer/Breakout space

10am – 1pm : Computational Environments, Dave Pigram, Level 7 MAA Computer Lab


1pm – 5pm : Sensational Instruments: Architectures of Emotion, Thierry Lacoste & Tom Rivard, 50 Kensington St Warehouse

2pm – 3pm, 3:15pm – 5:15pm : Trouble in Paradise, David Neustein, Level 5 Masters studio

2pm – 5pm : Superpériphérique_Paris, Frank Minnaërt, Level 5 Masters studio

2pm – 5pm : Systems, Simulation and Staying alive, Ben Doherty, Level 7 MAA Computer Lab

2pm – 6pm : Death to the City, Niall Durney and Sven Ollmann, Level 5 Masters studio (middle area)

For descriptions of each studio above, please visit the link:


10am – 5pm : First year reviews for 11211 Architectural Design Forming, Level 5 Architecture Studios (undergraduate)


The Masters and First year reviews will conclude with overview + drinks from 5pm – 8pm in the Level 4 Courtyard


Image: Kathleen Stevenson (from 11211 Forming in AUT11)