William Feuerman, UTS writes for untapped cities:

It’s December and in Australia that means summer holidays, something I still find difficult to grasp as a native of the northern hemisphere. One of the benefits of teaching at a university is that “school’s out for summer.” But before everyone hits the beach, we must first celebrate and reflect on the work that has been done over the past year.

Architecture programs around Sydney have recently held events to showcase the talents of their best students. In architecture school, it is a rite of passage to exhibit your work. Late nights with little or no sleep become the norm. So much strategic thought and energy goes into every single line drawn on a page. Often much of that hard work can go unnoticed so these venues become a way to showcase the dedication and sophistication of the next generation of architects and their committed teachers.

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) School of Architecture, where I am on the faculty, has hosted its end of year exhibition, INDEX, for the past couple of years. Celebrating the work of students and faculty across all five years of architecture, from first year bachelors to graduating masters students, the show itself has become a substantial event for the city of Sydney and specifically the architectural community. It is a venue for critical discussion and debate on issues of contemporary architecture and urbanism; a way to start a conversation with the community about the state of architecture today.


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