The Sydney computational design group is having a session on Monday evening. They’ll be following the tried and tested model of three speakers, 10 minutes of speaking, to minutes of vigorous discussion each (with no sharp line between the two!).

Stuart Bull on the Rokko Mountain Observatory. There are tricky structural problems solved in the dome, with its self-supporting interlocking steel pipe structure, and some interesting environmental solutions.

Sivam Krish from the Digital Design Academy is flying all the way from Adelaide to talk about his work with making the realm of computational design available to the masses.

Tony Ho from AR-MA will discuss current work on the affective relationship between envelopes and atmospheric interiors. The research involves advances in non-gridded organisational tactics using Python.

BVN have, once again, offered their hospitality to host the session in the Sydney Studio, so get there for 6:30, ready to get going at 7:00.

For information: please visit

Image Credit: AR-MA