Kaldor Public Art Projects launches Parlour, a creative new space where art, music, film, performance and hands-on workshops come together to explore and engage with our projects at night.

Each Parlour will be presented in a unique venue, bringing a fresh approach to the Kaldor project artists’ work in a variety of stimulating, entertaining and sometimes, surprising, ways.

Join Kaldor Public Art Projects, the University of Technology Sydney School of Design, N, FBi radio, and The Festivalists for Project 25: Parlour celebrating The Dailies, Thomas Demand’s intriguing new installation at the Commercial Travellers’ Association in Martin Place. Come think a little, come drink a little, come stay a while in our Parlour – selected Thursday nights in April.

Thursday April 5
The Doppelgänger Parlour

Lara Thoms and Nat Randall (with Penelope Seidler)
Emma Price (The Kingpins), Justin Shoulder, Matt Stegh, and Betty Grumble.
Lazy Susan’s Half-hour Speak-easy
Adam Jasper hosts a circular conversation featuring twins, stunt doubles, detective fiction and photocopying.
Discover doppelgänger-inspired films.
Live FBi DJs in the cocktail lounge.
Jack Shit
Ross Eldridge
Play vintage parlour games.
Minature Modernism
with Christian Meli and Kevin Tong
Architectural interventions:
Rob Beson, Frank Minneart and Nadia Wagner

Roundtable, workshops, architectural interventions and films curated by N; music provided by FBi radio.

Links for more information:

Echoed boundaries
Architectural Intervention by Frank Minnaërt