Dr. Kim Connerton, Casual Lecturer & Tutor at UTS,  is convening and presenting
Activated Surfaces, Spaces and Light: Installation Art and Architecture at the AAANZ Annual Conference 2012 ‘together<>apart’ next Friday 13 July. Would be great to see you there!

Panelists include:

Dr. Claudia Perren
Lecturer in Architecture, University of Sydney, Curater & Critic
Books include: Urban AU:Street/Art/Architecture,Living the Modern_Australian Architecture,
Catalogue, Dan Graham/Peter Eisenman – Positionen zum Konzept

Mr. William Feuerman, Senior Lecturer in Architecture, University of Technology, Sydney, Artist
Founder & Principal Office Feuerman, Contributor New York-based website
Untapped Cities (www.untappedcities.com) ,worked for many international architecture
firms including at Bernard Tschumi Architects in New York
link to register: