Sam Jacoby will be presenting the following lecture:



6:30pm on Wednesday, 24th August 2011, Level 5 Architecture Studios – Faculty of DAB (Building 6), 702 – 730 Harris St, Broadway 2007

Why does typology still matter today? The concept of type and typology is unavoidable to the discipline of architecture, but latest since the 1980s reduced to easily consumable iconographies. The talk will look at the origins of typological reasoning in the nineteenth century and its sustained relevance to the questions of architecture and the city.


Sam Jacoby graduated from the Architectural Association (AA) in London and is an architect in private practice. He has taught at the AA since 2002 (Intermediate School, Diploma School, and History & Theories studies) and was a studio leader at the University of Nottingham. He currently is the director of the AA Projective Cities Graduate programme. Sam Jacoby co-edited the 2007 publication  Typological Formations: Renewable Building Types and the City. AA Agendas. London, Architectural Association, London. with Chris Lee.