Exhibition: Incidental Data curated by Kate Sweetapple
Opening Tuesday 2 August, 6-8pm
UTS Gallery
Exhibition: Wednesday 3 – Friday 26 August
Gallery floor talk: Thursday 11 August, 1 – 2pm

Ever wondered what pattern a tree branch makes when the wind blows on it or the movements of a parcel as it goes through the post? What about the different shapes women carve their lipsticks into when they use them? These activities and more are captured in UTS Gallery’s latest exhibition, Incidental Data.

Curated by Dr Kate Sweetapple, Incidental Data is devoid of graphs, charts and diagrams and features work by six local and international practitioners that falls to the edges of conventional data visualisation, recording overlooked phenomena & human activity.

EXHIBITORS: Christopher Baker (US), Daniel Eatock (UK), Chris Gaul (AU), Stacey Greene (US), Tim Knowles (UK), Sam Winston (UK)

This event is part of Sydney Design 2011