A Room in the City

An exhibition by Lacoste + Stevenson showcasing the UTS Podium Project

6pm – 8pm, Wednesday, 4th May 2011
50 Kensington St, Chippendale 2007

Exhibition Dates
4th May – 16th May
Wed, Thurs, Fri opening hours 1pm – 2pm
Sat, Sun opening hours 11am – 3pm

UTS is building a new podium extension to its iconic Brutalist tower creating the opportunity to reinvent its presence along Broadway, in the Sydney and beyond.  Lacoste + Stevenson’s project, together with Jean Nouvel’s residential tower, Norman Foster’s commercial buildings and Denton Corker Marshall’s Engineering and IT Faculty Building will create a new and vibrant precinct along this section of Broadway.

The new podium will create a giant public room open to Broadway.  It will not only provide a new main entrance to the university, but a large range of activities that will attract broad public interest.

In contrast to the Brutalist architecture of the tower, the new podium is open and welcoming. It intervenes as an undulating semi-transparent building wrapping the base of the tower.  This is achieved with curved glass and a white frit in the pattern of a forest.  It appears soft and almost pliable like a curtain; its smooth surface blowing inward dramatically to mark the main entrance on Broadway.

At street level, the proposal encourages active street edges.  The transparency of the façade will reveal exhibition and public spaces inside the entrance on the ground floor.  The Co-op Book Shop on the corner of Jones Street and the cinema entrance and café to the east will provide activity along a substantial portion of the street frontage.

Large-scale structural, lace steel columns contribute to the lightness of the building. Their hollow centre allows visual connections between floors, natural ventilation and the light to penetrate deep inside. Vertical circulation will take place inside the columns.

Lacoste + Stevenson’s “Room in the City” exhibition features conceptual diagrams, perspectives, models and an animation.

Visit Lacoste+Stevenson website : http://lacoste-stevenson.com.au/

Visit UTS Campus Master Plan : http://www.fmu.uts.edu.au/masterplan/projects.html

Credits  (Project Team) :

ARCHITECT – Lacoste + Stevenson Architects in association with Daryl Jackson Robin Dyke and Six Degrees: Thierry Lacoste, David Stevenson, Craig Allchin, Robin Dyke, Angela Rowson, Josh Harrex, Tommy Zhou

ENGINEERS (Structural Facade) – ARUP, Peter MacDonald, Peter Hartigan, Jorg Kramer, Tania Milinkovich

DIGITAL ARCHITECTURE – Media Architecture, Tom Barker, Hank Haeusler

ESD / SERVICES – Steensen Varming, Chris Arkins, Diksha Vijapur

LANDSCAPE – McGregor Coxall, Adrian McGregor, Joe Rowling

BCA – BCA Logic, Stuart Boyce

QUANTITY SURVEYOR – WT Partnership, Gerry Heaton