Australian Design Review

OPINION: Critical Thinking

Gerard Reinmuth  7th May 2012

As a major launch event, Open Conversation: MCA was an excellent choice. The Museum of Contemporary Art project and its procurement (two abandoned competitions and the subsequent appointment of Sydney architect Sam Marshall) has long been the topic of debate and criticism within the Sydney architecture scene and since the completion of the project the volume of critique has only increased. By successfully enticing Marshall and two of the prominent voices to have critiqued the project in the media – writer Elizabeth Farrelly and architect Philip Cox – to debate in the same room, MS4A pulled off a coup. The generous agreement by all three to participate in the open conversation created the potential for a direct, mature discussion between intelligent adversaries with different points of view; a rarity within the Sydney architecture crowd, where debates are too often carried out in private and are mostly fuelled by personal jealousies rather than differing intellectual positions……


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Image:  Liane Rossler@lianerossler