Five first year UTS architecture students were awarded prizes for fresh ideas in Landcom’s ‘billbored’ competition which was run as part of the ‘Construction and Structural Synthesis‘ subject co-ordinated by Sandra Löschke.

Landcom General Manager for Development Kerry Robinson told her that they ‘were impressed with the depth of thought displayed in many of the submissions, the high standard of work presented’ and the’ inventiveness and imagination demonstrated’.

In addition to a total cash prize of $1000, all five winners have the opportunity to participate in workshops with Landcom’s design team to explore ideas and refine the schemes up to detailed design development.

The five winners are: Adam Hoh, Kathleen Stevenson, Rebekah Lamb, Gi Hun Yun and Young Wung Park.

Commendations went to: Junchen Ye, Roberto Fattoretto, Nathan Fallon and Elsa Fancourt.